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About us

About us

Sanskrit ganga is a quintessential institution for the preparation of the competitive examinations of Sanskrit. Our objective is to re-establish India as a World Guru.

1. Through the quality video, a complete preparation of Sanskrit Competitive Examinations is done.

2. Since 2011, online and offline preparation of various competitive examinations of Sanskrit is done continuously.

3. The short film, drama etc. of Sanskrit is staged.

4. The conversation is organized to speak Sanskrit fluently and the camp is conducted.

5. In the YouTube channel, millions of Sanskrit lovers are guided through Sanskritganga channel.

6. In more than 10 countries, through the Youtube, it is interpreted in simple language of Sanskrit texts to the people.

7. Our recitation of Sanskrit verses is recited.

8. Sanskrit grammar is explained through temporal example.

9. We have knowledge of the works of poets like Kalidas, Bharavi Bhas, Panini, Patanjali, Vyas etc.